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Roaring Fork Fishing Report



Fly Fishing Report for the 4 main rivers in the Roaring Fork Valley, the Roaring Fork River, Frying Pan River, Colorado River and the Crystal River. The fishing report is updated regularly so check back often for current information. If you have any questions call us or contact us for the most current conditions and fly fishing report. We also have a hatch chart available for general bug hatch information.


Frying Pan River Fishing Report

The Frying Pan River is fishing great even though it is flowing at a higher than normal rate. The summer bugs are still happening, especially from 6 miles up, but the shear numbers of bugs will be less. Drakes are still being reported but they seem to be spotty. You can have awesome days as we move closer to fall, especially on cloudy days.

If you find the Upper Frying Pan River near the dam is too dam crowded, the middle and lower Frying Pan River is a great change of pace.  Flies are similar, but concentrate on deeper pools and look for places that aren't normally fished.

Call us for current conditions or stop by to find out more before wading.

Dries: Pink Cahill, Foam Caddis, Crystal Stimulator, Missing Link Drake, CDC Para Drake, Lucent Wing Drake, Film Critic, Para Extended PMD, Para Wulff PMD, Sprout PMD, Missing Link Caddis, Para Extended body Baetis.
Mysis: Charlie's Mysis, Epoxy Mysis, BTS Mysis, Ultra Mysis
Nymphs: Poxy Back Drake, Anatomical Drake, Drake Crawler, Bat Wing PMD, Barr's Flashback Emerger, Orange Julius, Submerger Caddis, Iris Caddis, RS2, Beerhead baetis.
Streamers:  Black or White Chain Reaction, Autumn Splendor. Zuddlers. (Look, no one talks about streamers on the Frying Pan, but they work! Try em.)

Frying Pan River Flows


Roaring Fork River Fishing Report

The Roaring Fork River flows are holding fairly well, barring any 'Gullywashers' upvalley. Boating above Carbondale can be sketchy as it nears the 500 cfs mark at Emma. The river is fishing well with Hopper Dropper action on cloudy days or straight out nymphing on sunny days. More subtle patterns without a lot of flash seem to be working better than the flies of summer. Don't sling the bling!

Streamers can be a good bet on cloudy days or later in the day. Sun gear and Rain gear are both a good idea to have with the occasional rains we are getting. Don't forget the stream closures for Three Mile Creek and Four Mile Creek. Let the browns make baby browns.

Call us for current conditions or stop by to find out more before floating or wading.


Dries: Patriot, small Wulffs, Moorish Hopper, Goofball Hopper, Dave's Hopper, Para Hopper, Missing Link Caddis, Extended Sun BWO, Sparkle Dun BWO, AKs Olive Quill
Nymphs: Bat Wing BWO, Barr's Flashback Emerger, Lively's Beady B, G's Drowned Spinner, LeBug, Mayhem BWO, RS2, Mercury RS2
Streamers: Sunrise Sculpzilla, Goldie, Chain Reaction, Belly Dancer, Salt & Pepper (black streamer with white streamer)

Roaring Fork River Flows


Crystal River Fishing Report

The Crystal River is in prime time with the current conditions.. Get out there and hit them with some dry - dropper action. A Stimulator with a FFKA, BH Flashback Pheasant tail or Yellow Sally nymph should do the trick. In general use attractor patterns, you don't need to match the hatch on the Crystal River to catch fish, just get their attention.

Don't forget the stream closures for Three Mile Creek and Four Mile Creek. Let the browns do their procreation thing.


Dries: Stoneflies, Rubber Leg Stimulators, Crystal Stimulators, Foam Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Para Wulff Adams
Nymphs: FFKA, BH FB Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns,  Stones, Princes - BH & non-BH

Crystal River Flows


Colorado River Fishing Report

See the Colorado River on the Wave Park Webcam.

The Colorado River is ready for Fall action, hopper - dropper on cloudy days or deep nymphing on bluebird days. Streamers are also very effective on cloudy days and early or late day fishing.

Don't forget the stream closures for Canyon Creek, No Name Creek, and Grizzly Creek. Let the browns do their spawning unmolested and stay off the redds.

Call us for current conditions before you come up.


Dries: Thunder Thighs Hopper, Thing from UA, Rubber Leg Crystal Stimulator, Patriot, Chubby Chernobyl, Rusty Spinner
Nymphs: G's Drowned Spinner, LeBug, Pat's Rubber Legs, 20 incher, RL Hare's Ear, Flashback Pheasant tail, FFKA Prince
Streamers: Chain Reaction, Belly Dancer, Big Head Todd, Circus Peanut, Sun Ghost Dancer, Slumpbusters

Colorado River Flows


Still Waters

Beaver Run Ranch on Woody Creek is open to our guided clients and it is phenomenal! A 12-15 lb rainbow was landed on the 10th. We also have other private lakes & ponds that can produce some Kodak moments.

Stop by and stock up on flies or just check out some of our new patterns. Please see our Hatch Chart and contact us for fly recommendations or to book a guided fly fishing trip.


If you are planning a fishing trip out in Colorado, we encourage that you purchase your license online. Please visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website to buy your license online from CPW. Buy Fishing License online

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