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Josh Lively - Colorado Fly Fishing Guide at Roaring Fork anglers & Alpine Angling

After college at Colorado State University, Josh moved out west to Basalt, Colorado in pursuit of Colorado's western rivers and a career in construction management. After 5 years of grinding out the "normal life", Josh decided that work and stress were not all they were cracked up to be. Now Josh is much happier and a full time fly fishing guide out of Basalt, Colorado with his own company Aspen Valley Angling.

For the last 7 years, he has been fishing the gold medal rivers of the Roaring Fork Valley. Growing up in the south, Josh's father instilled the true meaning of fishing at very early age which has only grown to become more of obsession than a hobby or career. In the meantime Josh has become a signature fly designer for the Umpqua Fly Company. Josh has seven new fly patterns coming out in 2014.

With his dislike of other fishing rafts in the industry, Josh put his design and metal fabrication skills to work and started a boat company, Fly Raft Works in pursuit of building the finest fly fishing rafts available today. Josh's goal was to build a boat for the modern angler and guide that actually works. In 2009, Fly Raft Works was awarded The Best New Product of The Year by the International Fly Fish Retailer Show. You can find more info at their website.

Josh spends somewhere around 300 days a year on the water. In his spare time you can find him tying flies, teaching skiing in Aspen, hunting for carp and pike in western Colorado, desperately awaiting his next trip to salt, listening to west coast g-funk, building and testing new boat designs, or patiently waiting for summer. You can contact Josh direct via his website Aspen Valley Angling, at, or (970) 987-1414.

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